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We urge you to check out the blog to get the “voice” of the site. We are happy to be have unique and varying voices and writers and posts, however, some things are a better fit than others.

We want to be moved.

We want Oh Wow. Oh Wow kind of posts. We want the I have to put down my cup of coffee (or wine) and give this my full attention kind of stuff.

We are looking for fantastic writing. Period. We don’t care if you are a well known author or a computer programmer who secretly writes at night.

Gut wrenching, honest and brave writing. That’s what we want.

We are not looking for self-help. Although, inadvertently it may end up being that.

The pieces do NOT have to be about yoga in any way shape or form.

Have something to send us? Think you’re a fit? Please click here and submit via Submittable.

Due to the sheer number of posts we receive we cannot give feedback. Please know that we are honored to read your work and that even if you do not end up on the site, we think of it as a great privilege to read what you have written.

In the words of Jen:

I am interested in inspiring, not fluff. In truth, not bullshit. I am interested in the way certain words string together in a seemingly impossible way to create a disarming sentence. The kind that makes you sit down and give pause.
I am interested in the fantastical, as long as it is fantastic, and in poetry and science alike. I am interested in science that reads like poetry, or rather, finding the poetry in it. In every molecule. In every discovery. I am interested in history, even if it’s recreated for the reader’s pleasure, as long as it is written well enough that you slip into belief and stay there for the duration. 
I am interested in the quiet in back of words, in what is hidden behind what is said, the quiet stubbornness of the details. I am interested in imagination, not in regurgitation. I am interested in freshness of voice and “Holy Hell, that is risky. But it works” kind of stuff. 
I am interested in originality, in the bold rather than same old. I am interested in poetry and fiction and stories of the heart, not in fingers counting ways I can lose 5 pounds. I am interested in anything that moves me, challenges me, breaks me. Not in anything that patronizes, manipulates, insults. I am interested in unique and brave, not mimicry and safety. I am interested in getting lost in words, ending up in Asia or Bali. 
I am interested in things that make me recognize myself or parts of myself and all of humankind at once with the sleight of a hand, with a paragraph, with a metaphor, with skilled use of adverbs. Whatever it takes, I just want to be taken there.
I am interested in literature, but also in things unable to be categorized. I am interested in zero self-consciousness. I am not interested in anything so concerned with itself that it constructs a false self to sell. I am interested in risk-taking. I am interested in what speaks for itself; words so right that nothing needs to be done except nod and keep reading.
This is what I am interested in as a reader, and, as a writer.
I do not care for the nonsense, until it is beautiful nonsense. I don’t want the preachy or overly sentimental or the try-too-hards. I want what is pure creation or pure hard work or pure inspiration, just not what is pure contrivance.
I want to be touched and shook and grabbed.
I don’t want lists unless they make me a better human. Even then, they ought to be distinct, and, at the very least, funny as Hell.
I don’t need a lot. Or maybe I do.
Maybe I want everything. 
I want the writer to have given me everything.
As the writer, I want to give everything.
I want words that send me to the moon.
I want what we all want, really.
To be shown what beauty is. What love is. What inspiration is. What the power of language and words can do.

So. That is what we are looking for.

Click here to submit.

15 thoughts on “Submissions.”

  1. I should take a picture of what I have written recently- you will either have me committed or ….. well there is no or. You would just send the bus with 2 guys & a straight jacket to come put me in a padded cell. I’ll spare you & me & the internet of that. Your requirements intimidate me. I love reading what you have written. It’s an inspiration. Thank You

  2. I believe the way of the world will eventually be distant learning education and this is nothing new believe it or not and I will explain a bit further, but this is what I chose and take rather than your normal in the classroom experience and distant learning is very intense and very challenging and we do quarters instead of semesters and for each class taken I receive 4.5 credits which is very hard to do and we go to school all year around pretty much like they do in say for example China, or Japan, etc. It makes it less boring and you tend to want to not stop for breaks like the regular in classroom experience gives you. It is hard as hell, but it is all so worth it, and I can imagine how much harder it would have been if I had been given this experience as a younger person, but what the heck, it is easier for me now because I am serious as hell about these classes, but I decided to become serious as hell a bit late and when I mean late, I mean for my education to be funded by grants which I did qualify for, but kept doing and stopping and stopping and starting, for taking care of others rather than myself. But I am here to tell you that I am not going to give up and just want you to know that anything worth having in life that will make you success story for others to strive for is well worth all the hard work and efforts. I will never give up until I get this teenie tiny piece of paper they call a degree and am almost there praise God.

    And this is my story……….

    It is hard as hell to be older and back in school and you have been in for so long that your grant money runs out when you really become involved and you really want to graduate and actually get that degree into your hands, but you have no way to get what is necessary to accomplish these very difficult, yet, challenging goals. So, what do I suggest, you just keep writing and maybe, just maybe somebody will read your stuff and want you to write and be paid so you can get those books you need for which are so very necessary for those two classes you just got enrolled into, but hell, cannot complete the classes without the doggone books, which now what they do is make it where you have to have books and with the books, there comes an access card which you must have in order drop your assignments and also this is where you actually required to take tests too,

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    Do you where distant learning originated from?

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    This series of articles chronicles the history of distance learning from its origin to present day and beyond. In this introductory article, we discuss the three major eras of development and the influencing factors in each era. The remainder of the series consists of three articles which discuss specific developments in each period.

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    But anyway, just wanted to vent and praying that somebody reads my stuff and wants me to write for them maybe a column from time to time and get paid so I can purchase my fricken school books which I need so I can graduate and get that little tiny piece of paper that shows that I worked my butt off for. I want to be able to say, “I have made if finally and to that piece of paper; and boy was that piece of paper a lot of hard work which took much endurance, strength, courage, etc. to get. But, I want that piece of paper after all the hard work I have put into this school thing which I would not trade it all back for nothing.

    to be continued…….

  3. Hi Jen♡
    Adore your sharing what you want….God you sure sock it to us!
    Makes it somewhat challenging. Dare I, part of me is thinking?
    Yet I’ve decided to not delete myself as I want to be that type of writer….and I want what you want too…
    And practicing and submitting and being brave are big beginning steps, hey?
    So thanks for the offer. Not sure what is the next step in submitting.
    It is a piece I posted on my blog last night.
    I can’t remember whether that is OK with submissions.
    Let me know where to from here. Admiringly and a tad shy as I hit post, Susie♡

  4. Almost all proteins used in this formulation are high quality proteins where nutrition is involved. ‘ I felt them more knowledgeable about the area than the woman selling the fruit.

  5. Lara Edwards said:

    I’m wondering how to submit a piece?

    • It says above but maybe you missed? Email melissa at jenniferpastiloff dot com. Please send as an attachment and send a small bio and a pic in case it gets published xx

  6. I think……wait, I KNOW that soooo many times we don’t do things, or say things, or chase those dreams because we worry about what others may think. Could be family, friends, random facebook “friends”, etc.

    What I’ve come to realize, with the help from some others, is that none of it matters, none of it! There’s no real secret to happiness, and by that I mean, once you come to realize that happiness doesn’t come from money, or things, or approval from others, it comes from what you do for yourself and if it makes you smile? Then do it! Even if just for a little bit:) Whether it’s a blog that no one may read, but getting your thoughts out on digital paper, or posting pictures of fun times that you’ve had, or listening to a new song over and over and over and singing it out loud poorly in a car, shower lol! Whatever it is? It’s yours!

    Trust me, if people don’t want to hear it, or view it, or read it, they’ll block you or all of your posts, texts, phone calls, and that’s fine f%*ck em anyway!

    I can remember a time in high school and then again in college where I was told, “years down the road, you’ll be able to count your good friends on one hand…..maybe a few fingers (middle ones) in my case lol! But it’s true!

    Be unapologetically you……life has a funny way of always working itself out. And it will work itself out in a positive way if you send that energy out there to the universe.

    When you are able to let go, and I mean truly let go, and realize that you cannot control everything, your surroundings, your job, your financial situation, your social life, your romantic situations, and just live? It’s a very freeing feeling.

    We all have those days when we hear that negative inner voice start creeping into your mind saying “you’re not doing enough” or “you suck!”, acknowledge it, that’s fine…..and then step back and say thanks for making me realize how awesome I really am!

    Be the best version of you TODAY, not making up for what happened yesterday or years ago. And not thinking of what you need to be in the future. If you need help? ask for it, and give help when it’s asked of you in return.

    So I ask…..”you happy bro?”

  7. sorry the email you gave wouldn’t go through :/

  8. I hate to go all nitty gritty with such a poet description, but do you have a preference as to length of submissions? What rights do you assume? No pay, right? I still want to send something, just want it to be perfect. 🙂

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