Q&A Series.

List of links to inspiring interviews for the Manifestation Q&A Series:

Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Best-selling author Dani Shapiro

Author of Dying To Be Me, Anita Moorjani

Superbowl 2012 Winner, Spencer Paysinger of The New York Giants

Actress Krista Allen

Cameron Mathison: Good Morning America correspondent, Super Dad, actor and meditation guru

Actor and Motivational Speaker Alimi Ballard

Founder of Blississippi: Frank Gjata

Photographer Joe Longo

Meet The Omies!

Founder of Yoga Stream Lara Heimann

Jennifer Meyer Maguire: Jewelry Designer 

Skye Dyer: the voice of an angel. Dr. Wayne Dyer’s daughter.

Author & Chef Extraordinaire Serena Dyer, Dr. Wayne Dyer’s daughter.

Actress Extraordinaire Amy Jo Johnson.

Christy Turlington: Supermodel, Supermom, Superkind. Creator of Every Mother Counts.

The amazing Stirling Gardner

Photographer and Artist Robert Sturman

Author and Life/Business Coach Alissa Finerman

Karen Salmansohn, best selling author and creator of NotSalmon.com

Sarah DeAnna, author of Model Skinny by Hay House

Author Jodyne Speyer

Queen of Fitness: Amy Dixon

Karen Salmansohn Interview.

Christy Turlington Interview.

Skye Dyer Interview.

Sarah DeAnna, author of SuperModelYOu by Hay House

Author Jodyne Speyer

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